How we help B2B Companies

Demand Generation

Facing weak demand?
Poor leads?
Long Sales Cycle?

Leveraging our PENCILS model, we can ensure sustainable demand for your new and existing offerings

Revenue Growth

Troubled with competition?
Aggressive target?
Slow growth?

Coupled with our SAGE framework and SaleX model, we can help you grow faster, profitably

Process Optimization

Suffering from low BD productivity?
High BD costs?

Our framework, tools, templates and metrics can optimize time-bound results for you

Thought Leadership

Beset with low Brand awareness?
Weak Thought leadership?

We can guide you to earn your stature, boost your Brand and establish a niche in your target markets

Skills Improvement

Lacking BD / Sales skills?
Unfamiliar with the latest techniques?

We can train and equip your team to achieve superior success in a sure and efficient manner

Overcoming Competition

Losing deals to competitors? Severe Price pressure?
Shrinking Market share?

Our I2I technique (Idea 2 Impact) ensures sustainable competitive advantages for B2B companies