Innovation Labs

Internet of Things

Using Objective C or Java we can build connected systems. Technologies such as Cognitive Science APIs can help you interact with devices with hand gestures, facial expressions etc. Google Weave and Brillo are powerful iOT platforms that can save ton of development work.


Fantasy App for Cricket - Indian Premier League

Machine Learning

Google, Microsoft & Amazon AWS provide Machine Learning Platforms for developers to leverage and create their own ML models. These platforms use cloud technology and provide unmatched scale & speed.

Artificial Intelligence

IBM Watson is one of the leading AI Platforms that can be leveraged to build intelligent systems. The platform allows you to build systems that can - Understand, Reason, Learn & Interact.

Connected Car

Telematics Box

A telematics box plugged into OBD-II can gather the data needed and communicate that data with a cloud server. The data stored in the server can be pulled into a reporting engine for analysis.

Proximity Marketing using iBeacons

Allow Retail Stores to attract foot traffic through the door by sending Push Messages to everyone near by using Beacon Technology.

Fly Drones with Watches

Fly and co-ordinate with your drone using the Apple Watch. Uses the accelerometer in your watch to give direction to the drone.