VerityCloud is a powerful platform that is fully configurable to your specific business needs.

Here is how some of our Retail & CPG customers use us –

Multi-Store & Franchise Management

Improve Performance & Compliance.

Manage all your stores and franchises easily through a single collaboration platform. Track assets, issues, inventory and performance across all your locations. Ensure compliance through online training, knowledge sharing and audits. Stay on top with rapid communication.

Product Design Collaboration

Reduce Time to Market.

Collaborate better with your product design & development team on linesheet and tech packs. Interface with Suppliers on sampling approval and track the entire supply chain process. Manage inventory, digital assets and costing of products.

Social Enterprise Intranet

Work Together.

Connect stores, staff, management & franchises with a secure social enterprise intranet. Facilitate open un-hierarchal communication, file sharing and task collaboration. Maintain a library of shared documents, links and photos. Create and maintain a people directory and other common information.

Supply Chain Management

Increase Output & Profits.

Streamline and significantly improve your supply chain process. Collaborate with suppliers on inventory, supply requests, shipping and other info. Create workflows for product approvals. Track real-time demand and supply and ensure 100% in-stock availability.

In-Store Space Collaboration

Increase Sales & Conversions.

Bring stores, merchandizing team, partners and management on to a single platform to collaborate on floor designs, store-specific planograms, visual merchandizing and everything in between. Improve compliance with regular audits and inputs from the stores. Effectively implement merchandizing initiatives and improve overall space utilization.

Performance Management

Track KPIs & Improve Performance.

Define and share KPIs with stores, staff & franchises. Measure store-level metrics, identify and reward top performers. Get easy access to data and generate real-time reports. Customize and create your own dashboard with sales trends, top-selling products, top performing stores, promotion performance etc.